Inventory Management System

PROJECT DETAILS: This is Inventory Management System web application, which is used to manage products of all brands & categories. It can be used at any selling point e.g, shopping mall, retail shop, grocery store etc.


In this project user need to register himself, and then user will be able to login. after login, user will be redirected to the dashboard. where user can add brands, categories and products. then later user can manage categories, brands & products the manage page paginaion is done, so user can see 5 items per page. On dashboard, user will get to know new orders tab, so user can make new order from here. when user clicked on order button,that time order information will be stored at server database (table name invoice), that time user will be asked to print invoice, if user says yes then user can print invoice too. to generate invoice i have used fpdf library, which allows to generate PDF files with pure PHP. and generated pdf files will be stored inside PDF_INVOICES Folder(view code from Github), inside this folder you will get all generated pdf files, which names have extensions with invoice_no. thus user will get to know about the incoice_number too.

NOTE : I have used OOP PHP concepts in this project, so i have used code reusability. and i have used prepared statements, to execute dynamic queries with parameter inputs, which helps us in preventing SQL injection attacks because it automatically escapes the special characters. This project can be used at any selling outlet, which needs to manage its products.

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